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Thai Coconut Icecream Recipe

Thai Coconut Icecream Recipe

Thai Coconut Icecream recipe:

This coconut icecream is possibly the second best dish i have even eaten during my travels. The first winner is a chicken dish that i ate in Cairo a few years ago.  Anyway shall share the Cairo story some other time, so back to the icecream.I have been travelling to Thailand for many years now and everytime i go i discover something new to eat and since i am gluten intolerant now my food options have reduced considerably. So when i travelled to Thailand a month ago, i discovered this gem on the beautiful beaches of Krabi came back to India and i was missing the icecream, so i decided to recreate the same it in my kitchen. My recipe is not as great as the Thai one, also because the coconut milk i used is canned not fresh, the quality of coconut that we get in India is different from Thailand.  This ice cream might not be as great as the Thai one but is still extremely delicious and is very close to the one i ate.. very close 🙂




Coconut cream: 1 can

Coconut milk full fat: 1 can

Vanilla extract: a few drops

*Honey: ½ cup ( You can add more honey it you like). *Vegans can add maple syrup.

Salt: a pinch

Tapioca flour/cornstarch: 3 tsp flour mixed with water, made into a slurry.



Salty roasted peanuts




Chill the coconut milk and cream in the fridge overnight. Before making chill the mixing bowl in the freezer too for 15-20 mins.

In the chilled bowl, whisk together the milk, cream, vanilla, salt, honey and the flour slurry until everything is thick and creamy.

Pour ice cream base into a lined freezer-safe container, then wrap gently with plastic wrap and foil. That is cover the container with a foil. Freeze this overnight. Serve the next day.

The next day if you find the ice cream to be too icy and not creamy then you might have to churn the ice-cream again in a food processor or a high speed mixer. Sometimes the cream quality isn’t great or the coconut milk is thin, these factors may make your ice cream less creamy. Whenever this happens, churn the ice cream in the mixer, then put it back in the ice cream container, freeze in the freezer again for a couple of hours. Take it out again, churn again, back in the freezer, do this 3-4 times and your ice cream will be creamy. Yes it needs a bit of patience. But it is worth it trust me on this.

Or if you have an ice cream maker then you can just put the ice cream mixture in it and churn till it is done.

Before eating just sprinkle a some roasted peanuts on top, this may sound odd but this is how i ate and it tasted fantastic.


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