Gluten free recipe

Kerala Fish Molly Recipe

Kerala Fish Molly Recipe

Kerala Fish Molly Recipe

Kerala Fish Molly Recipe:

I honestly can’t think of a better place to look for Gluten Free meals than South India. Most food is naturally gluten-free, and the very limited use of gluten, in general, minimizes the risk of contamination during preparation. South India also has many flavored to offer from complicated spices to simple subtitles dishes too. Now that I am gluten intolerant I am trying to explore more and more South Indian recipes and I often try to adjust the flavors according to what’s available in Delhi and also according to my taste buds. Today I tried making the very famous Kerala Fish Molly.

Kerala fish molly or molee is a mildly spiced fish stew recipe loved by almost everyone. Since I prefer Katla over Kingfish I changed the recipe a bit, but if you like King Fish please use that in this recipe.


Prep Time: 5 mins

Cooking Time: Under 20 minutes

Serves: 2-3 people


Curry Ingredients:

King Fish: ½ kg ( I used Katla today)

Onion – 2. Very finely chopped.

Ginger: 1 tbsp

Garlic – 1 tbsp. Finely crushed or minced.

Green chili – 3 – 4

Rec chili powder: 2 tsp

Curry Leaves: 10-12 leaves

Tomato – 2. Chopped

Thin Coconut milk – 1 cup

Thick Coconut milk – ½ cup


Coconut oil (preferably) or any vegetable oil: 2 tbsp

Lemon Juice: 1 tsp


Marination Ingredients:

Pepper powder – 1 teaspoon

Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon

Lemon juice – ½ teaspoon




The authentic Kerala Molly recipe doesn’t require you to fry the fish, but I like to pan-fry it before putting the pieces in the stew. You can skip the frying process but if you like crispy skin then you can pan-fry the fish pieces in some coconut or vegetable oil.

  1. Marinate the fish pieces with pepper powder, turmeric powder, salt & lemon juice. Keep it for half an hour, pan-fry the fish pieces until they turn brown.
  2. Heat coconut oil in a pan. Add crushed ginger garlic & green chilies. Add onions, curry leaves, mix everything well. Let the onions cook. No need to brown the onions. Add in the finely chopped tomatoes, salt and fry until the oil floats on top. It will take about 5 minutes (Keep the flame medium). Add in a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of chili powder. Fry for 30 seconds. Add in a cup of water and let it come to a boil. Now you can add the fish pieces. Let this simmer for 5-7 minutes.
  3. Now turn the heat low and add the thin coconut milk. To avoid the coconut milk from cuddling keep the flame on low. Cook for 3-4 minutes on low heat, now you can add the thick coconut milk also a few drops of lemon juice. Mix well. Let this cook for another minute, your dish is almost done.
  4. Serve with steamed rice or plain dosa*.





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