Gluten free recipe

Gluten-free simple breakfast ideas that anyone can make

Gluten-free simple breakfast ideas that anyone can make

nvcGluten-free simple breakfast ideas

Gluten-free simple breakfast ideas that anyone can make.

When you go #glutenfree, little things like meal planning or breakfast meal preparation becomes a headache. You are in a rush in the morning but you also wanna eat something healthy, tasty and filling that gives you the energy for the entire day. I have listed down some of my favorite glutenfree #breakfast ideas that you can prepare in advance and enjoy.

Gluten-free granola with chocolate chunks:

For this recipe, you can use whatever seeds, nuts you like in whatever quantities. There are absolutely no rules. I actually ate something similar in Paris and got totally hooked. I even brought back 2 packets from there and ate almost every morning for weeks. After I ran out of it, I realized I needed to do something, importing was not an option 🙂 so decided to make something similar here. There was no quinoa in the original version tho. Try making this, apart from the fact that this is super duper healthy, I think it is extremely delicious too. If you eat this every morning I think your nutrient intake is sorted.



Quinoa and Amaranth Gluten Free muesli.



Vanilla and Chia seeds pudding:

Soak 1 heaped tablespoon chia seeds in yogurt overnight with a few drops of vanilla. Leave in the fridge, take it our from the fridge in the morning and eat chilled with some fresh fruits. Yum Yum Yum!!


NO Bake energy Bar.


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