Gluten free recipe

Gluten-free in Paris

Gluten-free in Paris

You can’t have Gluten, no problem. It is so easy to be Gluten-Free in Paris.

Here’s my ‘sans gluten’ guide to Paris! These are a few I highly recommend.

  1. NoGlu: Noglu is totally, a 100% gluten-free. This place offers a huge selection of gluten-free pastries, desserts and of course, baguettes.
  2. Maisie Café: This place looks like an Instagram picture, it is a lovely little paradise a few blocks from the Louvre. You can have a healthy bowl of GF granola before the museum visit in the morning.
  3. Kopi Cream: Just a few blocks from every crowded Palace De Bastille, you will find this little gem.
  4. Naturalia: this is an organic store with loads of GF and Vegan options. Do try the GF granola here.




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