Gluten free recipe

Gluten-free banana bread recipe

Gluten-free banana bread recipe

The gluten-free banana bread recipe

Gluten-free banana bread recipe:

I am not a huge fan of Bananas, I mean I have it every day with my homemade muesli or yogurt but I don’t like it much. The thing about banana is it is cheap, easy to find, grows all year long and is loaded with the healthy stuff. When I have too many bananas at home and I don’t know what to do with them, I make this Gluten-free banana bread. It takes bananas to a whole new level, from a humble fruit to an exotic one. Thanks to the wonder spice called cinnamon, it has the power to change anything it touches. Haha. Again the ingredients might look exhaustive, but it actually is not. You would probably have the most ingredients at home. And people with Gluten Intolerance please use Gluten-Free baking powder and GF baking soda. They are not expensive at all and are easily available.

Prep Time: 10 mins

Cooking Time: 1 hour- 1 Hour Plus

Serves: 3-4 people


Homemade almond meal: 1 cup of almond meal ( Take 1 cup of almonds, blitz them in a blender. You would get a coarse powder, and this is what you need for the recipe. You can blend smoothly too, but I like slightly coarse. If you end up making more than a cup then use one cup for this recipe, store the rest for later)

Coconut powder: 1 cup+1/4 cup+ 1/4 cup

Brown rice powder: 1 cup

Baking powder: 2.5 tsp

Baking soda: 1 tsp

Honey: ¼ cup

Jaggery/ Brown sugar/ palm sugar: ¼ cup

Bananas: 3. Mashed

Vanilla Essence: 1 tsp

Egg: 1. Whisked

Coconut Oil: 3 tbsp

Milk: 3/4 cup

Cinnamon Powder/ground cinnamon: 1/2 tsp ( If you don’t have the powder at home, grind some cinnamon sticks in a blender and make powder. Remove the big bits if there are any).




  1. Preheat oven to 180 C and line a medium loaf pan with butter paper.
  2. Mash bananas in a large bowl. Add all wet ingredients to this bowl and add the dry in a separate bowl and mix the dry ingredients well. Now you can add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients bowl and whisk vigorously.
  3. Bake for 1 hour plus, mine took 1 hour 15 minutes. But again it depends on the quality of flour you used, also the baking powder quality. But start checking your bread after an hour. When ready, it should feel firm and be crackly and golden brown on top. Insert a toothpick, if it comes out dry, your bread is ready.
  4. You have to let this bread cool down completely before you take it off the loaf pan. I left it in the fridge overnight to cool down.
  5. You have to let this cool down completely before cutting or it will be too tender and crumble.
  6. Enjoy this in the morning with coffee or tea. Yumster!!

My Take: I used the sharpest knife to cut this bread, you have to cut this at one go, if you start cutting it like how you cut your regular bread loaf then the bread might crumble. Do it slowly it will cut just fine.

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