Gluten free recipe

The best fish marinade recipe

The best fish marinade recipe

The best fish marinade recipe

I have been cooking 3 meals a day plus snacks since Feb 2020. I got so tired of making elaborate meals that i decided to cheat and save my time and energy in the kitchen. So this is what i do now, i but buy chicken or fish, make different marinades (3-4 types), zip lock the marinated chicken and fish and store in the fridge. During lunch or dinner time, i take them out, bake them with veggies or grill them on my grill pan. Now i spend only 15 mins in the kitchen and no more.

Now time to discuss the magic marinade…If I could use only one marinade for the rest of my life, it would be this one. I don’t prefer eating fish but with this mustard marinade I can eat fish literally everyday. It’s the best marinade for fish whether you are making grilled fish/pan fry or oven baked. I think it would work equally great with paneer or tofu because paneer and tofu have a soft texture like fish.

There are many little things you need to make the marinate, some items you can skip if you don’t have but then there are some ingredients that you just can’t eliminate. They are very very crucial, so i am gonna mark important next to those ingredients.


Fish pieces without bones: 500 gms (I prefer using basa)

Yellow mustard seeds: 1 tbsp (IMPORTANT INGREDIENT)

Garlic: 5-6 cloves (IMPORTANT INGREDIENT)

Ginger: 1 tiny stick

Cumin (jeera) seeds: 1/2 tsp

Coriander (dhania) powder: 1/2 tbsp (IMPORTANT INGREDIENT)

Fennel (sauf) seeds: 2  tsp (IMPORTANT INGREDIENT)

Garam masala powder: 1 tsp

Black pepper: 1/2 tsp powder or 1/2 tsp whole

Green mint leaves or dill: 6-8 leaves

Lemon juice: 2 tbsp (IMPORTANT INGREDIENT)

Mustard oil: 2 tbsp (if you don’t have mustard use any other oil, but it tastes best with mustard oil)

Salt: 1/2 tbsp

Kewra essence: 2 drops ( If kewra essence is very pure, use only one drop) (IMPORTANT INGREDIENT)

Water: 2-3 tbsp



  • Minus the fish, dump everything else in a blender and blend  them to a very very fine smooth paste. Adjust water if the paste looks too thick. The marinate won’t be runny but it shouldn’t be too thick either.
  • MAKE SURE THE PASTE IS SMOOTH (almost creamy), a course paste will make the marinade bitter.
  • Marinate the fish pieces. Store them in a zip lock or a container with lid, place them in the fridge for 8 -10 hours or overnight.
  • While cooking on the grill pan, pour some mustard oil to grease the pan and grill till the pieces get brownish crispy texture.
  • Enjoy the fish with flavoured vegetable rice or with chapatis.









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