Gluten free recipe

Your new best friends in the Gluten-Free world.

Your new best friends in the Gluten-Free world.
  1. Coconut. I have just reinvented this fella and have extended my hand for friendship. This humble fella is easily available, it is cheap (and cheap is important when you go Gluten-Free because staying on the Gluten-Free diet can be extremely expensive, and when you get your hands on something tasty and cheap trust me you would wanna hold on to that one), tasty, and a great ingredient to just about anything. Coconut Fruit, Coconut Oil, Coconut Powder, Coconut Milk you will need all this so if you like this fruit you need to spend time with him more often.

2. Almond.

This one is not cheap but sometimes everyone is allowed to splurge right, also i packet of almond meal lasts long.

Again almond can be used in various ways, almond flour, almond milk, almond butter.

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