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Why Do I Cook Everyday

Why Do I Cook Everyday

Why do I cook everyday?

Over the years, cooking has helped me cope up with gluten intolerance. I do not rely on a chef or other food brands, whatever I wish to eat I create in the kitchen.

I work as a Brand strategist and my work hours can be really hectic but no matter how busy or tired I am, I make sure I cook myself a nice meal. I think after a long day I owe this to my body. I am not sure if I love cooking, but what I do know is cooking has helped me learn a lot about nutrition and flavors.

It is a little over 9.30 PM and I am slicing carrots to grill in the kitchen. I still have no idea what I would be cooking after this. This must sound very relatable to a lot of you out there. Don’t we always have that moment when we put the pan on the stove and think about what I should do next? Well, trust me I would pay someone to tell me what to cook every day. It is the biggest struggle for me.

Anyway back to my cooking story. So I have always known how to cook, not because I took interest in cooking but somehow cooking came naturally to me, I didn’t have to try too hard. Most people would give credit to the mother for teaching them how to cook, but I learned everything from my house help, who is more like a brother to me now. He came into our house even before I was born and . has stayed since. The man is the best cook ever, and whatever little I know about cooking is because of him. Even today he makes my Gluten-Free chapatis taste like normal gluten chapatis. The stuffed parathas taste exactly like the gluten parathas, and I don’t know how he does that.

When I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance I just couldn’t eat the same meal boring meals every day and I didn’t want to rely on the packaged stuff either. I knew my choices were limited, I didn’t want to miss gluten, I had to make my gluten-free meals as exciting. So I stepped into the kitchen and decided to make gluten-free cooking exciting for myself and many others like me. Now I cook every day, literally every day and I hope you would try too.

I have a few hacks that could help you cook meals every day.

ONE: When you are super busy, make breakfast for dinner.

Seriously though, my favorite dinner is egg white omelet with muesli and yogurt. Yum!


Throw in whatever you got in a hot pan, add tofu, cooked rice and it is a healthy, hearty meal.

Start cooking, try to take it to the next level if you want to enjoy good food. Gluten intolerance is nothing, this gives you an excuse to eat healthier. So go enjoy and take a crack at cooking.

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Ask me for help, I would be happy to tell you what I know. Mi kitchen, su kitchen 🙂


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