Gluten free recipe

The Very French Chicken with red wine sauce.

The Very French Chicken with red wine sauce.


Chicken leg pieces:500gms or any part of your choice

Whole grain mustard sauce (preferably)/ any english mustard sauce

Red wine: A glass full

Garlic powder

Olive oil: 2-3 spoon

Heavy base pan


Crushed black pepper



Start Cooking:

In a pan, add some olive oil, then the chicken pieces. After the chicken has changed colour( turned brown), flip the pieces let the other side cook too. After 5-7 minutes start adding the ingredients. Add salt+pepper+garlic powder (1 tbs), mix everything well. Cover the lid for 2- 3 minutes.

Unlid the pan, add the whole grain mustard (1 tbs)+ add the wine.

Mix well.

Cover the pan. Keep stirring occasionally. The chicken will take 30 mins to cook, you will be left with a thick sauce in the end.

Serve with lettuce, apple salad with some honey chilli dressing.


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