Gluten free recipe

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

Dumplings and Indian street style chowmein are the two things that i miss the most. For the longest time i hated going to the food courts because i would see people eating momos and that made me really sad. I tried finding  gluten free dumplings at various restaurants but i couldn’t find a single place. I was always too afraid to make momos at home because i thought i would never be able to replicate the same taste but one day i just decided to try because i was missing the flavour so much. So i ran to the kitchen, made the dough with my gluten-free flour, rolled into small puri like chapatis and stuffed them with the shrimp filling. Steamed them in my idli maker container for a few minutes and oh my god, they turned out exactly like the shrimp dumplings that i used to eat before my gluten problem. I had tears of joy that day, i was proud of me for trying and was happy that i created a recipe that many others like me can use and enjoy their favourite dumplings at home. This recipe is for everyone who misses dumplings, everyone who is dealing with the gluten issue and who is not giving up, you give me the courage to experiment in the kitchen, i really hope you try this recipe at home and do tell me how was it.



For dumplings:

Gluten free flour (maida): In the market they are selling something called maida replacement flour or gluten-free maida mix, buy that, it is a white flour and i used that for making the dumplings. You need 2 cups of flour. That will make 8-9 dumplings.

Salt to taste

Olive oil: 1 tsp

Water to help you knead the dough


For the filling:

Shrimp: 7-8 medium size shrimps.

Onion: 1/2. Finely chopped. It’s important you chop them real fine.

MSG (ajinomoto) : 1/2tsp ( i know what you are thinking but sometimes it is okay to have this, it gives the much needed punch to the filling and trust me we want that punch)

Dark soya sauce: 2 tsp

Salt to taste

Spring onion: 1/2 onion, super finely chopped. We need the green part.

Sweet chilli sauce: 2 tbsp

Olive oil: 1 tbsp


You need a steamer to steam them. I used the idli maker. You can use any steamer.



  1. Make the dumpling dough: Take the flour, add some salt, olive oil and a little water and start kneading. This will be much like chapati dough kneading process. Keep adding a little water and knead the dough. Whenever i use any gluten-free flour to make chapatis or puris or dumplings then i knead the dough a lot. I think if you spend time kneading the elasticity of the dough improves, trust me i know what i am talking about. After kneading the dough, with the use of a rolling pen, make small discs, much like our pooris. Keep them aside, cover them with something else they will become dry within minutes.
  3. Cook the prawns: in 1 tbsp of olive oil, cook the prawns till they turn brown. Sprinkle a bit of salt too. After you have cooked them, mince the prawns with a sharp knife.
  4. Make the filling: in a bowl, add the mince prawns, finely chopped onions, green onions, salt, soya sauce, sweet chilli sauce, ajinomoto and mix well.
  5. Put the steamer on the stove,fill in with some water, let the water boil.
  6. While the steamer is getting ready, you start making the dumplings. Take some filling and fill it in each disc. make sure you put the filling in the middle so that you have the edges to seal the dumpling packages. To seal the dumplings just press the edges together, if it isn’t sticking then you can use a drop of water to seal, Water will help the flour stick.
  7. For the dumpling shape, you can choose any shape you like, if you are new to this then make a round disc, put the filling in the middle and just fold it from the centre.
  8. Coat the dumplings with a few drops of olive oil so that they don’t stick to one another, and now steam them for 10-15 minutes, until the dumplings become almost translucent.
  9. Eat them hot with your favourite sauce, i ate with sweet chilli sauce.


My take: If it doesn’t come out fine then do not give up, try this recipe again, also if your disc size is small and you are unable to make them big then you have to knead the dough more. Or you should also change the brand of your glutenfree maida flour. Try a few brands that way you would know which brand works best for you. If you are vegetarian then i suggest you cook the veggies before stuffing that way the veggies won’t release water when you stuff them and make dumplings.








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