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Ricotta Mushroom Ravioli Rolls

Ricotta Mushroom Ravioli Rolls

For 4 Rolls you require:

  1. Rice paper sheets:4
  2. Mushroom (Button mushroom or any mushroom of your choice): 5-6 cut them into pieces.
  3. Ricotta Cheese: Depending on how cheesy you like your food, i went for 2 scoops
  4. Dried Chilli Flakes ( Optional) but a bit of heat goes very well.
  5. Thick cream: 1-2 tbs
  6. Olive oil

Heat a pan, add a spoon or two of olive oil. Throw in the cut mushrooms, saute them, add the cheese, mix them all very well. Let this cook for about 2 minutes, add the cream, cook them together for another minute or so. The filling is done.

Now soak the rice paper in water for 1-2 minutes, you would notice the paper becomes soft, remove this from water. Wipe off the excess water and put the filling in between also at this point you can add chilli flakes or anything else too. Wrap this nicely.


The roll is done. Serve this with Thai Chilli Sauce. The blandness os the roll goes very well with the sweet chilli sauce.


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