Mango Sorbet without Ice Cream Maker

Mango Sorbet without Ice Cream Maker

Mango Sorbet without Ice Cream Maker:

This is the ultimate summer dessert. The reason i love this is because it is simple to make and it doesn’t require any cream or milk. Sorbet is made like an ice-cream…well almost, just that in sorbets you don’t have to use milk. Plus since there is no cream too, i feel it is way more healthier than a normal ice-cream.



Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 7-8 hours




Frozen Mangoes: 4

Sugar: 3/4 cup or less. Depending on how sweet you want.

Lemon juice: 1 tbsp

Salt: 1/2 tsp


  1. Take out the frozen Mangoes, cut them into cubes. Or better , you cut them into cubes and freeze them.
  2. In a cooking pot add in sugar and water and boil it to make a sugar syrup out of it.
  3. Cool the syrup to room temperature.
  4. Transfer the mangoes, sugar syrup, lemon Juice and salt into a blender and blend it to a smooth puree.
  5. Put this into a freezer safe container and freeze for an hour.
  6. Take the container out and mix it with a spoon and then put it back inside the fridge.
  7. Repeat this 4-5 times, every hour or so. (Yes, patience pays !!)
  8. Then leave this to freeze for 4-5 hours at a stretch.
  9. It’s done…tada… i know thank god right 🙂
  10. You scoop the sorbet and you would know why you worked so hard for this coz every bite is just so worth it.

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