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How to make chaat masala at home

How to make chaat masala at home

How to make chaat masala at home:

Chaat masala At home


Cumin seeds – 100 grams
Whole Coriander – 100 grams
Black peppercorns – 50 grams
Dry Mango Powder: 30 grams
Ajwain (Caraway seeds): 10 grams
Whole Red chili – 10 grams
Plain salt – 200 grams
Black Salt – 200 grams
Anaar Daana- 20 gms

Clean coriander seeds, clean the black peppercorns.

Remove the stalk from dry red chilies.

Roast the cumin seeds and coriander seeds first in a pan until they get a little brown in color.

Add black peppercorns, dry red chilies, ajwain in the same pan and dry roast until fragrant.

Transfer all the roasted spices in a bowl. Let everything cool down completely.

Now, place all the ingredients, salt, black salt, dry mango powder in a mixture jar and grind them finely.

Strain the powder through a sieve.

Now grind the granules left in the sieve along with black salt and mango powder.

Sieve the ground powder again.

Mix everything really well.

Chaat masala is ready. Store in an airtight container.

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