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Green Salad with Paneer in Korean Sauce

Green Salad with Paneer in Korean Sauce

I was at the supermarket and decided to buy something different, since i have not eaten a lot of Korean food i decided to introduce some Korean to what i eat. This is the first ever Korean inspired dish that i have made. It is simple, so if you are throwing a fancy shmancy  partayyy the you can make this to impress your friends.



Marinade and dressing:

Paneer*: 1 packet. *vegans can use tofu.

Dark soy sauce: 1/4 cup

Brown sugar: 1 tsp

Honey: 2 tbsp

Ginger garlic paste: 2 tsp

Gochujang Korean chilli paste (available in the Korean section at the supermarket): 2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Pepper powder: 1 tbsp



Iceberg lettuce: 1.

Cherry tomatoes: 10

Green Onions: 3. Cut coarsely

Fresh green coriander leaves

Finely chopped green apples: 1 apple

Red bell pepper: 1. Finely chopped.


Sesame seeds: 3 tbsp



  1. Divide the marinade in two parts, one for marination another for dressing. Marinate the paneer slices in the marinade, let this rest for an hour. After an hour, cook the paneer pieces on a non stick pan with a few drops of vegetable oil till they turn golden. take the paneer pieces out.
  2. Take the leaves off the iceberg lettuce, the round shaped ones will make the cups in which the paneer and other salad elements will sit.
  3. On the lettuce leaves, place the chopped salad veggies and fruits and dress them with the Korean dressing, squeeze of lemon and sesame seeds.
  4. Your salad is ready.
  5. Eat with sweet chilli sauce.





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