Gluten free recipe

Gluten-Free guide for beginners.

Gluten-Free guide for beginners.

For people living with celiac or living a gluten-free (GF) lifestyle for other reasons, cooking at home can be overwhelming. What’s safe to use and what isn’t? How can you still make delicious food without sacrificing flavor and blowing through your weekly grocery budget? In this blog i am trying to answer all these questions and i am trying to make recipes simple so that you can cook them at home.

First of all you must know what all food items have Gluten in them and get rid of them. Secondly, buy the most basic Gluten -Free food items to start your Gluten-free food journey. Here is a list of essentials to help you plan your meals.

  1. The Gluten Free aata, there are many brands available in the market now. Pick any, but do check the label.
  2. Buy Raagi Flakes for breakfast. Add some fresh yogurt, fruits to the flakes and you are good to go.
  3. Juice and Smoothies. These will be your ultimate energy drinks. Drink a glass of juice everyday.
  4. Gram Flour/ Besan. Make chila/crepes for Breakfast.
  5. Sprouts. eat them regularly.
  6. Try going South Indian or Continental. For example, fish with some bakes veggies,  stir fried Tofu with veggies etc.

These will help you start, but remember this is just the starting point, you need to experiment in the kitchen if you want to enjoy the delicious Gluten-Free meals forever. Just because you are Gluten-free or Intolerant it doesn’t mean you have to let go of the good stuff. So if you don’t like to cook, then you better start cooking because this is the only way to feed yourself with good meals. Unfortunately in our country we don’t have a lot of Gluten-Free restaurants or cafes where one can go and order, so what you eat will come out of YOUR kitchen. And don’t be so sad, i was not much of a cook myself, but now i love cooking so much. I will make sure i keep my recipes super simple so that you can cook without any fear. Happy Cooking then! See you on the other side.


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