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Easy pita bread recipe |gluten-free

Easy Pita Bread Recipe:

Pita bread is my go to meal when i am feeling a bit lazy to cook. Yes most of you may  think ‘whattttt’ it is so time consuming to make the bread, so here is the deal..i am going to give you  an ultimate tip and cheat to make these breads at home whenever you are feeling lazy or when you really wanna eat something tasty.

Here’s what i do. I make the dough, cling film warp it and then store in the fridge. This lasts upto 5-7 days and whenever i wanna make the pita, i  take the dough out from the fridge, make small balls, roll them flat and make the breads in a pan. Yup that simple. The rolling and making the bread in a pan takes 4-5 mins. After this i make a slit on the side of the bread so that i can fill it with various fillings of vegetable and meats.

I have been making pita very regularly now, 3-4 times a week, actually i keep having fun with  the fillings and this gives variations to my pita dinners. Sometimes i make very sweet and sour asian filling, sometimes i keep it Indian, sometimes i do continental so by keeping the filling interesting i am able to make a new pita each time.

How to make it?

It is very simple, just take 3 cups of any GF bread flour (any blend that you use to make GF bread at home) , add yeast to it, mix it will some water and let it to rest so that the dough rises, Basically think of it as bread, so you are making a bread but not in the oven, on stove in a pan, and that becomes your pita bread.


For people who are reading my post and who are gluten eaters, you guys can just take the all purpose flour, add yeast, water, cover it, let the dough rise.









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