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Corn Street Food Style

Corn Street Food Style

Eating roasted bhutta (corn) with a dash of lemon and some tangy indian spices is quite simply one of life’s greatest pleasures. Since corn is easily available these days i am making this baked corn snack almost everyday. Sharing a simple but yummy rub recipe with you, hope you like it.





For the rub:

Lemon: 1

Black Salt: haf tsp

Kashmiri Mirch/Paprika: 1 tbsp

Melted Butter: Half tsp ( If you are vegan, you can ignore the butter)

Cumin Powder (Optional): a pinch

Ground Pepper: Half tbsp

Dry Mango Powder: a pinch or two


How to prepare:

Remove the corn husk and strings from the corn.
Roast the corn on the grill or open gas flame (gas stove) at medium high heat. Move it around every 30 seconds or so, so the corn gets roasted evenly. Remove from the heat after the corn is cooked on all sides.


Mix all the ingredients together, and rub them on the corn evenly. Serve this hot.


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