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Carrot, Tomato, Basil Soup

Carrot, Tomato, Basil Soup

Serve:2 people


Carrots: 2 medium size

Tomato: 2-3

Basil: Try finding fresh basil leaves (3-4)

Garlic: 2-3 cloves

Crushed pepper

Oregano (optional)

Olive oil: 1 tbs

Water: 2-3 cups. 2 large mugs or 3 medium cups


Cooking method:

In a pressure cooker, pressure cook the tomatoes, carrots and garlic in water. ( 2 whistles is good)

Let this cool down.

After this cools down, transfer it to the mixer and blend this well. Remove it when you see a puree like consistency.

Sieve the mixture if you like or just cook it like it. I don’t sieve it, i like the pulpy soup.

Now in a pan, pour some olive oil, add the crushed pepper, add the soup puree, basil leaves, a bit of water if it looks too lumpy or too dense. Cover the lid and let this cook on the low flame for 15-20 minutes. Stir occasionally.

The soup is made. You can enjoy the soup with some gluten free bread or with a salad.

But should you wish to make the soup fancier, add some butter along with the olive oil in the pan before adding the soup puree and towards the end you can add some cream to it to make this satin like creamy soup. But if you want a healthy soup then refrain from adding the butter or the cream. But even in the healthier version a dash of butter can be added just before serving this enhances the flavour of the soup.

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