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Calcutta Fish Curry with Brown Rice.

Calcutta Fish Curry with Brown Rice.

A dear friend of mine introduced me to this dish and very quickly this became my staple. This dish requires very less ingredients and it is very simple to prepare, i strongly suggest you try this recipe once.


White fish: I choose Bhetki (You can choose small pieces of any boneless fish): 300 gms

Yellow mustard seeds: 2 tbs

Mustard oil: For pan frying the fish and curry: 5-6 tbs

Green Chilli:1-2

Fresh coriander


Turmeric powder: 1 tbs



Fry the fish: Wash the fish, pat dry them with kitchen towel. Now sprinkle some salt and turmeric powder on the fish, mix them nicely.


Heat the pan, add 2tbs of oil. Pan fry the fish till the pieces become yellow brown.

Make the paste: Soak the mustard seeds in some water for 10-15 mins. Blend well with one chilli in a mixer and blend really well. When i say really well i mean blend till you see the paste change colour, the colour of the mixture becomes lighter and lighter as you blend. When you see there are no lumps, and the paste is smooth and lighter you can stop. The paste has to be smooth and not runny, if the mustard seeds are not blended well they will taste bitter so make sure you have a good paste. Also keep adding water to the mix if the paste looks very dry while blending. The paste should look like whitish yellow in colour:

Make the curry:

In a wok or pan, heat some mustard oil, now add the green chilli (optional), add the paste along with half cup of water and let this cook. Keep stirring the paste so that it doesnt stick to the base of the pan. Let this cook for about 10 minutes  on the low flame, add water if you see the paste getting too dry. Add the salt too. After 10 minutes also when the paste changes its colour a bit from light yellow to a darker shade of yellow, add 1 cup of water, remember the curry should not be too runny, it should always be slightly thick. So after you add the water, let this mixture cook for a few minutes, this will thicken the curry a bit. At this point, taste the curry, it should not be bitter, as it has cooked for almost 15 minutes now. This is how it should look like at this point.

Now you can add the fried fish to this curry and some fresh coriander leaves.

Your dish is done now, serve with some steamed rice. I eat mine with brown.


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