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Beetroot, Matcha & Chocolate Chai-Healthy teas you must consume everyday

Beetroot, Matcha & Chocolate Chai-Healthy teas you must consume everyday

Warm-up from the inside out with our simple recipes. These teas are warming, invigorating, and healthier alternative to your regular tea or coffee. I have been feeling a bit unwell for a while and I just wanted to give my body some heavy-duty nutrition. My Ayurveda doc has asked me to stay away from raw foods so I decided to take my smoothie recipes and decided to give them a twist for my chai. I also follow an amazing blog called @pickuplimes, and there was one recipe that really inspired me and I took some bits from there to make my chai lattes for the blog.

My first recipe is the Beetroot chai, this gorgeous dairy-free chai latte is sweet, fragrant from all the spices that I have used and very smooth in texture.

Beetroot Chai Recipe:

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cook time:6-7 mins

Total: Under 11 mins

Ingredients: For 1 person

Beetroot: 1. Cut into cubes, boiled or steamed till they get soft.

Milk: Any plant-based milk. If you take lactose then use your regular milk: 1 cup

Cinnamon stick: 1 medium

Cloves: 2

Cardamom: 1. Crushed

Dates: 2-3. Remove the seeds. Chop them into small pieces.

Vanilla: 1/2 tsp

Brown sugar/ white sugar: according to taste: I put 1 regular teaspoon


1. Stem the beet

2. Chop them into small pieces

3. Blend the milk, beet, vanilla, dates in a blender until smooth & creamy

4. Place the liquid in a chai pan, add the cinnamon stick, the cloves, cardamom and let this cook for 6-7 minutes on low heat. Add the brown sugar to this tea

5. Keep stirring to prevent the chai from burning or  sticking to the bottom of the pan

After 6- 7 minutes remove this from the pan. Strain the liquid using a  chai mesh or just remove the cinnamon stick from the pan, pour the tea in a cup and enjoy the warm fuzzy beetroot chai.


Matcha white chocolate latte


Matcha powder: 1tsp

White chocolate: 3 tablespoons crushed chocolate

Milk: plant-based or any toned milk: 1/2 cup

Honey or maple syrup: 1/2 tsp (if your chocolate is not sweet. You can use more sugar)

Sea salt: less than a pinch. Just a dash of salt is good enough


1. Heat the milk.

2. Add the crushed chocolate to the milk. Stir so that the chocolate melts nicely into the milk. OR you can add melted white chocolate to the milk.

3. Add the sugar/honey/maple syrup.

4. Add the matcha powder. Don’t add all at once, add a little and them mix, then add the rest. This way it doesn’t get clumpy.

5. Mix it all very nicely.

6. Remove after 5 mins.

7. Add the sea salt.

8. Pour in a cup and enjoy the best matcha latte ever.

Chai hot chocolate



Chocolate: crushed.  2 tablespoon

Vegan milk/any milk of your choice: 1 cup

Cocoa powder: 1 tablespoon

Cinnamon stick: 1 medium

Cloves: 2

Ginger: crushed. 1/2 teaspoon



  1. Boil the milk. After it is boiled, simmer it.
  2. Add the chopped chocolate.
  3. Add the chocolate powder. Stir to mix well.
  4. Add the cinnamon, cloves, ginger. (Make it just  the  way you make your Indian Chai)
  5. Let the spices cook with the  tea for 2-3 minutes on low flame.
  6. Remove from the stove, take out the  cinnamon stick and enjoy. You can strain the liquid if you wanna remove all the spices.



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