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Banana Buffet. 4 Ways.

Banana Buffet. 4 Ways.

This power packed banana recipe is great for breakfast as well as for your evening snack. Put whatever you can find in the kitchen or refrigerator, make this recipe your own!



Time: less than 5 minutes





Recipe1: Cut the Banana lengthwise, on one piece smear some Honey* + Homemade Vanilla Muesli

Recipe2: Apply maple syrup+almond flakes+ cinnamon powder

Recipe3: Honey+ dry berries+ sprinkle some chia seeds

Recipe 3: Melt some chocolate with a teaspoon of butter in a microwave for a few seconds, apply honey* on the banana, sprinkle sesame seeds, coconut flakes, and cinnamon powder.


* Vegan can use maple pr coconut sugar instead of honey.

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