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10 Crazy struggles only gluten free people can understand

10 Crazy struggles only gluten free people can understand

10 Crazy struggles only gluten-free people can understand:

Gluten-free people #True story, the struggles are way too many. Listing down a few here, I am sure even you would relate to many.

  1. Read labels as if I am reading a newspaper: the product may say it is gluten-free but we are never satisfied, we don’t wanna risk it so we read and re-read the label.

  2. Take forever to search for something on the menu: we wanna believe that the restaurant that we go to can’t be so cruel and must have something for me hidden in the menu. We are hopeful and try to find something. But we rarely find anything and we end up drinking water or cola. Once I ended up eating a banana on a flight because they didn’t know what to feed me.

  3. Yes to bake one simple thing you need 3-7 different flours: My food pantry is overstuffed with flours. Life is complicated!

  4. Where is the loo? Not everyone will tell you this but people like us suffer from weird bowl syndrome and nothing makes us happier than a clean loo.

  5. Ultimate craving for one slice of white bread and butter.

  6. There is a 4-course meal for everyone but nothing for me: This has happened a lot of times.  I hate going near the tables where people eat their lavish feast.

  7. Paying a crazy amount of money for simple things: a pack of biscuits can cost INR 300 bucks, one bread can cost INR 200 plus, we pay so much for little things that it hurts. I can literally buy another car and pay my monthly EMI with my GF grocery budget.

  8. Why me? We ask ourselves this question every day and every time we see someone eat something nice.

  9. We don’t understand people who can eat gluten yet they fuss about food: Seriously, you guys can eat anything in the world yet you have to fuss about the food!! Gosh, have some mercy on us poor folks!!

  10. ‘What do you eat then’ questions: No I am not someone from the zoo. When I tell someone that I can’t eat gluten, no maida, no wheat, they always ask me, ‘then what do you eat’??

I could go on with my list, you guys tell me your experience and I would love to add your inputs in my blog post.

Guys I know we have a lot of everyday issues, but trust me what we eat is clean food. It is not that bad, some people have a problem worse than ours and this is nothing compared to what people have to go through and endure.

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10 thoughts on “10 Crazy struggles only gluten free people can understand”

  • So true. I think many people do not know that this problem has far more consequences on our overall health. My feel tired all the time,

  • So true. I have a very close friend who is gluten intolerant and she goes through all these struggles on a daily basis. This blog is such an eye opener and a great support for people who suffer from this difficult to manage condition. Great job!

  • Your observations are not crazy but the fact of life of a celiac. But there’s nothing to be pessimistic about all this. In fact, you yourself have summed up beautifully the positive approach to the issue in the last paragraph of your blog…. that should be the spirit. Only such a positive approach would help lead a happy life like a normal person. Keep it up.

    • Ya. Trust me i wouldn’t have it any other way. This issue has taught me so much, given so many new experiences.

  • Very well said my brother…well actually gf living is healthy living.
    Sooner or later d world ll accept…

    • Yes. That time is coming faster than we know. Good times are almost here my friend :-). More power to us all!

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